Refund Policy
There is absolutely no refunds. We operate small tours, and in order to keep them small and as low as possible, once a student has signed up and tuition is paid (partial or in full) we start booking flights, tours, etc and so we are not able to refund any money.
Privacy Policy
We will require some personal information to attend our trips, participants should expect to share information needed by outside agencies such as an American Airlines Company or The White House.

Any information collected will only be used to book flights and tours that require information. The information will be stored until the end of the specific trip, and at that point it will be deleted and wiped from our databases. 
Terms and Conditions
We operate with Nevada teachers, for Nevada students, in order to coordinate with more Nevada Schools to bring their students to Washington D.C. to meet their Members of Congress and visit the Nation's Capital. 
Only Nevada students can participate, and in order for a students to be selected, they must be nominated by their school.